Inserted among the most beautiful beaches in the world of 2013, Is Arutas is the best known beach of the Oristano and without a doubt one of the most beautiful in Sardinia. It is located in the municipal territory of Cabras and is very famous for the composition of its sand, made of small rounded quartz grains, which look like rice, with shades of colors that alternate between pink, light green and white. Is Arutas is also very popular with surfers and snorkellers, for its unique sceneries and its wonderful backdrop. Some of its coves offer stretches of coastline with sand formed by white grains of rice and a very clean and crystalline water. Unmissable!I

One of the most evocative places of the Oristano is without a doubt the wonderful Sinis Peninsula. This beach stretches for about 4 km on the western side of the Peninsula, interspersed with rocky parts of sandstone and basalt, dominated by the Spanish coastal tower named after the Saint. Next to the beach is the archaeological site of Tharros (to visit!). A beach with crystal clear sea and breathtaking views, which will not leave you indifferent. Not far there is also the former fishing village, today a village with several bars and restaurants, which in the summer comes alive. In short, this beach is an experience: next to the sand and the sea you can breathe history and tradition.

A long beach that stretches for over 6 km, mainly in the territory of Narbolia. Characterized by the famous sand dunes, among the largest in Italy, once covered the entire beach but today there are only a few tracts, however very suggestive. The large pine forest that gives on the beach, very beautiful, gives shelter on very sunny days. Not recommended to enter the water during the mistral strong days, due to the strong currents, however in these cases the sea, observed at a distance, offers truly spectacular visions. On the contrary, on days when the sea is calm, the water, which in some places is very low, heats up giving rise to tropical temperatures. Very suitable for those who love surfing.

A place among the most enchanting of Sardinia, located in the municipality of Cuglieri. This small beach with a rocky bottom is set in a unique place, with the great natural arch called S'Archittu, which dominates and shelters from the strong wind, so the sea in the bay is almost always calm. Suitable for those who love snorkeling, while the most daring launch themselves from the top of the arch in the truly crystalline and blue waters. One of those Sardinian beaches to see absolutely. We also recommend a beautiful and romantic night walk (perhaps having dinner in one of the rooms next door), as the natural arch is illuminated by a lighthouse that gives a wonderful effect!

Another beautiful beach in the municipality of San Vero Milis, in Putzu Idu, takes its name (in Italian the long board) from the natural barrier that is located in front of the beach. Its promontory offers beautiful views and shelters the beach from the wind. Suggestive with its reddish sand made of pebbles and shells, it is very long, with a sea that, according to the light, gives all the shades of blue. One of its peculiarities is the natural "wall", very close to the beach, accessible by swimming: climbs on the rock that emerges from the sea, it will be a bit like walking on water. In short, a beach to see absolutely!

Also in the territory of the municipality of Cabras, there is another beach of light sand with pink and white quartz pebbles, with the most varied shades, which make it attractive and beautiful. It is the Maimoni beach, which has a long and wide coastline. The sea is very beautiful, the water is blue and turquoise, crystal clear and transparent, with sandy and sloping bottoms, ideal for children. The beach has numerous services and its sea is a destination for surfing enthusiasts. A curiosity: near the beach is the village of San Salvatore, very impressive, which in the 60s and 70s was used as a film set by the troupe of Cinecittà to shoot a lot of western movies.

Another beach in the municipality of Cabras, that of Mari Ermi has a long beach with a very fine ocher sand and a background of brilliant white quartz. Enclosed between high dunes and vegetation, Mari Ermi stretches between the sea and the pond that bears the same name and where the pink flamingos live. Clear blue sea and white sand, alternating with golden ocher, make this beach a real gem of Sardinia. Ideal destination for families with children as the seabed is low, it is also very popular and frequented by surfers.